Did you know that:

The McCrone Oil report,  kept secret for 20 years, stated that Scotland “would tend to be in chronic surplus to a quite embarrassing degree and its currency would be the hardest in Europe, with the exception perhaps of the Norwegian kroner”.  Read more

In 1979, 51.6% voted for devolution, 48.4% voted against, but the UK government changed the rules. We had to wait until 1997 to win the right to our own parliament. Read more

The most recent figures show that we generated 9.9%of UK tax revenue and received 9.3%of UK spending.

Scotland has 25% of the EU’s offshore wind & tidal potential and industries like food & drink, bioscience, tourism and engineering.

Scotland has oil & gas reserves with a wholesale value of over one thousand billion pounds (£1.5 trillion on current prices). This is 10 times our share of the UK National Debt.

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