Arrangements following a Yes vote?

There will be a period after the referendum where we would finalise arrangements with the rest of the UK, Europe and the World to establish an independent Scotland. Some of these issues will include:

  • Our share of the UK national debt – would be subject to negotiation. Figures from the Scottish Government’s Fiscal Commission Working Group in February 2013 looked forward to a point after Scotland would be independent.
  • They suggested that Scotland’s population share of UK public sector net debt in 2017-18 would be equivalent to 72% of Scotland's national wealth. This would be lower than the equivalent UK figure of 77%.
  • Services and functions delivered UK wide – A number of new government functions would be set up in Scotland, for example a Treasury and Department of Foreign Affairs. Currently we pay for these services to be delivered in London – with independence the money would be spent in Scotland, creating new jobs. For some functions, decisions would be taken on whether to continue to pay for them to be provided as today, for example, the DVLA.
  • Our benefits, state pension and tax system – on independence, Scotland would continue to pay the same benefits and tax credits as across the UK and protect the state pension. You will then elect Scottish Government who will be responsible for future changes to the welfare system, allowing us to reverse damaging changes such as the ‘bedroom tax’.
  • People employed by English companies – People employed by companies based in the rest of the UK, or further afield, would of course continue with the same employment, just as tens of thousands of people in Ireland are employed by companies based in the rest of the UK. With full economic powers we can do even better in attracting investment and jobs.
  • Citizenship – Later this year the Scottish Government will publish detailed proposals for citizenship on independence day.
  • Subsequent changes will be for the Scottish people and future Scottish Governments to decide. We anticipate an inclusive definition of citizenship, and that dual citizenship would be offered in acknowledgement of the close ties across the UK.
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